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Updated: Mar 23, 2020

With the COVID-19 closure affecting all of our fitness studios across the GLOBE, The PWR House has jumped in to action. Not only have we partnered with several fitness and dance/arts studios across our city, but we've been a part of a NEW project called "Fairbanks Fitness Hub." A place in which YOU can go to find ALL of your options in the Interior that are offering you Fitness Substitutions during this time of unease. ** Be sure to check out the video message from all of us** We will link the site below! ALSO-- while you are out WE ARE IN full swing. NEW gear, NEW look, and NEW FIRE is happening in the HOUSE! Check the photos below as we have embarked on an EAST COAST FEEL for our studio and we are so excited for you all to be TRANSPORTED when you walk in to PWR House. It was all a dream..... In the meantime, we are offering VIRTUAL memberships, Virtual Workouts, Live AND recorded, and they consist NOT ONLY of workouts you can perform right there at home, but NUTRITION tips from our MDs (coming soon) HIP HOP choreography, and more! Guess what fam... WE NEVER GIVE UP. WE NEVER GIVE IN! We are in this together. "STRONGER TOGETHER!"

FAIRBANKS FITNESS HUB: "Stronger Together."

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