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We have been busy at The PWR House!

As the time passes during COVID-19 shutdown across the globe, our staff and Trainers have been busy at The PWR House! With new equipment arriving, a house renovation, and continuing education our Team is ready to bring some PWRful vibes back to the podium and floor soon! {Did you know our Instructors are National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Trainers? On top of that we are Nationally Accredited G.E.A.R Indoor Cycling Instructor Certified through NASM & AFAA! Our Trainers are also certified in Fitness Nutrition and Certified in Youth Exercise through NASM!} Keep an eye out for all of our upgrades, details on reopening, virtual class and subscription options, and more!

We are happy to be able to serve our PWRful Community every day! We never give up. We never give in!

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