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When the BLUE LIGHTS come on....

PWR Cycle is our heart and soul. It is something that is a foundation of our beloved PWR HOUSE. Everything down to the color of the lights has PURPOSE inside our house, and particularly during our CYCLE. When the BLUE LIGHTS come on you know... It's time to ride. It's time to GRIND. It's a nonstop, no holds-bar, all in type of CYCLE. It's a we gotta' get it done type of CYCLE. It's a WE HAVE WORK TO DO TOGETHER type of cycle. It's a ALL EYES ON US so we can't give up type of CYCLE. It's a OUR NEIGHBORS DEPEND ON US for encouragement type of CYCLE.

...But most importantly it's a STRONG HELP INSPIRE others type of CYCLE. Fairbanks, PWR House... the blue lights are ON OUTSIDE of our house and what we do now changes history. Be the leader. Be the helper. KEEP GOING and doing the RIGHT thing. We always have a choice... we can take the road that's easy or the road that is worth it. PWR House is on the road that is worth it. We are still here, working virtually TOGETHER. And when we come back to our HOUSE it's going to be BETTER THAN EVER. Are you with us? #StrongerTogther #BlueLightPWRStrong #COVID19

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