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Step in to YOUR PWR

Everyone has the PWR to change their lives. Choose your path. Choose your purpose. Choose the PWR House.

Step in to YOUR PWR today!

Welcome to our new website for Fairbanks' newest PLACE. It isn't a gym. It isn't a studio. It is a PWR HOUSE. Someplace you can come to change. Someplace you can come to INSPIRE. Someplace you can come to know YOUR PWR is important.

“Every day, you have a decision to make: Give up & give in... or give it YOUR ALL.”

You’ll be seeing more about what the PWR HOUSE has to offer in the coming weeks. But we are so excited to dream big, work hard, and provide YOU with a place to change your lives.

Stay tuned to our Instagram, Facebook, and Website for Grand Opening Details, Booking, Prices, and more! #ThePWRHouse #FBXPWRHouse #PWRHouse

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